Rap Up of the 2016 NG3C Shootout in Douglasville

. . . by Jerrie Paschal

THe 2016 NG3C shootout, held at the Douglas County High School and hosted by the Sweetwater Camera Club, was a huge success. Twelve clubs actively participated with over 273 registered photographers. That’s the biggest crowd we’ve ever had!

The weather was great. There were plenty of subjects to shoot, plenty of food to eat, and a buzz of comradery… some of us meeting up with friends from other clubs after a year of not seeing them. Door prizes!  Yes, there were a bunch of winners. And a bunch of great businesses that donated. Check out our sponsors page and be sure to patronize those folks who helped us put on such a successful shootout.

Sweetwater Camera Club president Janet Newton wrangled all the details and the show went off without a hitch. Janet, however, has retired to an unknown location to recover.

Representatives from the Douglas County Chamber of Commerce and Division of Tourism drew out the topics in a public ceremony and then photographers took off in a stampede to find the best shots in Douglas County. The topics were Down Low, Wheels, Reflection, Old Fashioned, and Kitchen Utensils. You can see all the entries on this website by clicking here. We have some truly creative photographers in this group!

The images were judged by a great crew of photographers which included: Johnny Cain, Ralph Daniel, Richard Green, Harriet Dye, and Nicholas Cole. They were sequestered until they came out with winners. I am not sure they even got water. :-)

And, we need to offer up some sympathy for photographer Larry Winslett who was slated to judge but, unfortunately, met with an accident that put him in the hospital… (Wonder if he got the shot he was after?)  Get well soon, Larry! And while the judges judged, we were treated to two wonderful presentations:

Jeff Milsteen - "It's a Small World After All: A Practical Guide to Close-Up Photography" Many of Jeff's pictures can be viewed at

Robert Hice - "Planning and Preparation for Nature Photography"
Robert has images online at

And the winner of the 2016 NG3C Shootout is…Cobb Photographic Society!!!


Cobb Team Leader, Mark Chandler, proudly displays his club’s winning plaque, presented by Sweetwater Camera Club president Janet Newton:


Coming in Second Place was the Paulding Photography Club and following in Third Place was Carpet Capital Camera Club.

Here is the complete rundown:

Rounding out the day was a drawing for 5 great door prizes. Full programs consisting of the entire Topaz® plugin library, valued at $499.99 each, were given away to holders of the lucky red tickets. What a win!

And, with that, the day ended. I suspect everyone is making plans for their Chattanooga field trips to scout the area. See ya in Choo Choo!

. . . Jerrie

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