All over but the Shouting !!!

by Jerrie V Paschal

My feet are killing me; my hair is stringy and soaking wet. My camera lens is fogged over and probably full of rain. I am hungry; I am so tense that I told my husband to get out of my digital space. I didn’t win a ribbon. I did win a door prize….so yep, the North Georgia Shootout is over for another year. And, by all accounts, it was awesome… Obviously somebody won!

The 2015 Shootout was hosted by Cobb Photographic Society and held at the Marietta High School Performing Arts Center. The venue was beautiful and though editing rooms were tight, the mood was good. The theater was gorgeous and played host to two outstanding speakers, Mark Buckler and Jerry Black. If your club has not had them as guests, you should get right on it… especially Jerry as he is local. Both speakers were interesting and motivational. They capped off the day while we were waiting anxiously to see the results.

Hundreds of door prizes were handed out all day. I won a gift card to Dick Blick’s for $100.00. Great deal!

This year’s Shootout was the 8th year that the North Georgia Council of Camera Clubs has sponsored the event. Showcase Photo and Video provided over $2500 worth of prizes to the winners, and multitude of other vendors provided door prizes. Click here to see the Shootout vendors.

Judges for the event included Eddie Tapp, Cherie Truesdell, Ann Clancy, Ken Ross, and Bill McGuire. They had a pretty tough job judging the over 500 image entries. There were 11 participating clubs with 222 shooters. Add that to the family and friends and it was a massive day.


Once my feet calmed down and I got dinner, I had great post shootout feelings and (thanks to the Peachtree Camera Repair Service that cleaned out the water from my lens) I loved seeing all my friends from other clubs. I really enjoyed seeing how photographers found the creative photos that I passed on. I enjoyed the peaceful and inspirational feelings I experienced watching Mark and Jerry’s presentations. (Yep, I am heading to the Outer Banks to shoot those little ponies… LOL)

So, who won?

CherokeePhotographyClubCherokee Photography Club walked away with first place.

SweetwaterCameraClubSweetwater Camera Club took second place.

Big Canoe placed third.

Carpet Capitol
Carpet Capital Camera Club took fourth place.

Each club won a plaque and bragging rights for the next year.
As to the individuals who won. Here is a list of those.pdf-wht

South by Southeast (SxSE) announces January photo workshops in Atlanta and Nashville

Nashville Jan. 15-17Atlanta Jan. 15-17

Atlanta, Jan. 29-31Nashville Jan. 29-31

We have received the following press release from Jerry Atnip, Brentwood Photography Group in Nashville:

Hello, NG3C Photographers:

Along with my duties at Brentwood Photography Group, I also serve as co-director of SouthbySoutheast Workshops. We have a workshop scheduled for January 15 - 17th in Atlanta. Peter Essick, Barbara Griffin and I will be leading three days of Presentations, Photoshoots and Portfolio Reviews.

Also, scheduled for January 29 - 31st, we have a workshop in Nashville with Alison Wright, Barbara Griffin and me.

You can get more information at
Also, please visit

NG3C 2015 Shootout Participant Rules Finalized

pdf-whtThe 2015 NG3C Shootout Participant Rules are now available for download. This NG3C “Participant Rules” document is approved by all NG3C officers and is hereby instated as of September 19th, 2015.
It replaces all older versions.

Please note rule changes from earlier versions concerning:

  • Image Naming and Titling
  • Image Sizing
  • The "Unique Image Submission Rule"
  • Camera Types
  • Disclaimers
  • Flash Drive Labeling

We ask that you read the complete document carefully.

Announcing the 2015 NG3C Shootout!

Yes, it’s that time again. Hopefully, you’ve recovered from last year! :-) This year’s Shootout will take place on Saturday, September 26th. The event will be hosted by The Cobb Photographic Society in Marietta, Georgia and will take place in the Marietta Performing Arts Center at Marietta High School.

marietta performing arts center


Cobb County will be the boundary in which photos may be created that day.

As you will see from the examples below, Cobb promises that there will be ample photographic opportunities within our county borders. If you are planning a practice day, drop into the Marietta Welcome Center and take a look at their publications and photos.

marietta train depot and welcome center

marietta visitors guide

 You can order the Visitor’s Guide by clicking on the image above or click here. The website shows the complete guide for those who need immediate gratification.

The North Georgia Camera Club Council Shootout was created as an avenue for area camera clubs to interact, meet and greet, share, and compete. Clubs compete head to head to win bragging rights while individuals scramble for ribbons and prizes.

Currently we have 14 member photography clubs!

Individual prizes will be awarded to the top five finishers in each of 5 categories. Ribbons will be awarded to the top ten finishers in each category.

Up to $2500 worth of individual prizes from Showcase Photo and Video will be awarded!  The clubs whose members score the most points will be presented with plaques.

Below you see the 2014 NG3C Shootout winners, the Cherokee Photography Club.

Your photo club can win this great honor in 2015!!

CherokeePhotographyClub 2014-NG3C-Shootout

Examples of the many photographic opportunities in Marietta are provided by Mark Chandler below:

marietta collage-a

The scope:  Participant clubs will meet on campus on September 26th, the day of the shootout where the category subjects will be chosen on the spot. Directions and maps will be distributed. All photos must be taken within the designated area on that day. By a specified time, all teams will gather to edit their images onsite and select images for competition. Judges will choose winners and award prizes in the afternoon ceremony.

The rules:  Click here for a complete set of rules.

Sign up:  Click here for Registration information.

The cost:  Each club or team shall pay a $50.00 registration/membership fee. The club or team shall pay $10.00 per photographer up to $300 per team. Each club or team should include a minimum of 5 photographers.

Workshops:  While the judges are choosing winners, participants will be treated to two workshops presented by Mark Buckler and Jerry Black.

For more information on Mark Buckler and his photography, visit his website at

For more information about Jerry Black, please visit this Facebook page which also contains several of his beautiful nature images.

So, CLUBS!! Get started and register your group to participate in this fun-filled, over-the-top day of photography. It's a HUGE ADVENTURE!!

If you need more information, or registration information, reply to this email, contact Mary Abernathy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Jerrie Paschal at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or look under the Shootout menu at the top.

Please feel free to tell others who might have an interest in the Shootout!

2015 NG3C Shootout Location and Date Announced!

September 26th - Save the Date!! The 2015 NG3C Shootout will take place on Saturday, September 26th at Marietta High School. The designated shooting area for photography will be all of Cobb County. We ask that member clubs assist with:

  • Door prizes
  • Vendor Coordination
  • Publicity
  • Other tasks as needed – We love volunteers!

Only current NG3C Member Clubs may participate in this great event. If you haven’t paid your club’s 2015 dues, please do so right away.

Mark your calendars! We hope to see you there!

Photography Workshop in Chattanooga, March 7, 2015

From Pat Gordy, PSC Secretary:

Please share the attached flyer information with your photography club and other photography friends. This workshop, sponsored by the Photographic Society of Chattanooga, by Bob Coates is on March 7, 2015. Bob is a Panasonic Lumix Luminary and his presentation is titled “Fine Art Photo-Synthesis.” The cost is $20 payable online or by check.  Thanks!


NG3C 2015 Club Membership Fee ($50) now due!

on Monday, 12 January 2015 20:15.

It’s time to pay your club’s annual membership fee. You may pay by PayPal or send your check for $50 made out to “North Georgia Camera Club Council”

Jerrie Paschal
NG3C Treasurer
c/o 1830 Water Place, Suite 120
Atlanta, GA 30319

Which photo club are you with?

Cherokee Photography Club Wins FIRST PLACE - 2014 NG3C Shoot Out!!!

The Cherokee Photography Club from Canton, GA won FIRST PLACE in the Seventh Annual NG3C Photography Club Shootout on Saturday, September 13th, 2014!!!CherokeePhotographyClub 2014-NG3C-Shootout

The Sweetwater Camera Club from Douglasville, Georgia won 2nd Place:
SweetwaterCameraClub 2014-NG3C-Shootout

The Georgia Nature Photographers Association (GNPA) won 3rd Place:
GNPA 2014-NG3C-Shootout

The annual NG3C event was held at Reinhardt University in Waleska, GA. Participating in the 2014 shootout Competition were 9 teams made up of approximately 152 photographers from photo clubs and groups in North Georgia and Tennessee.

The five categories for this year were drawn at random by the Mayor of Waleska, the Honorable Doris Jones. The categories included: 
Shapes & Patterns: Repeating Patterns
Perspective: Far, Far Away
Technique: Soft Focus
Grabbag: Togetherness
Colors: Green.
You can view all winning entries and see photos of our member clubs struggling to meet the very tight Shootout deadline. Click here to view the 2014 NG3C gallery.
To view all 50 winning photographs in one gallery, click here.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our 5 judges. They worked very hard and made excellent, thoughtful choices.
The judges were: Erwin Spinner, Larry Winslett, Marvin Price, Mike Nalley and
Scott Johnson. We have linked their names to their own web galleries.
To view a picture of them in action at the Shoot Out, click here.

To view more pictures of people attending the 2014 event, feel free to explore all gallery folders 

Showcase Photo & Video was once again the primary sponsor, providing gift cards for the top ten places in each of the five categories. They also provided and awarded many wonderful door prizes. There were several other photography-related vendors on hand for the participants to visit. Their photos are among a variety of photos that appear here . . .

Everyone enjoyed the competition and camaraderie packed into this great annual event. We are all looking forward to the 2015 North Georgia Camera Club Council Shootout. Thank you to all who participated! And for those clubs in this area who didn't paticipate, we hope to have you join us NOW!! To become a member of the NG3C, please visit our membership signup page, download and fill out the form and send it in! 
NG3C 2014-Bkgrd525px

2015 Shootout Sponsors

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